I would like to be able to always divide the things up into as many pieces as I can, each of which I understand separately.

I would like to understand the way of adding things up, independently of what it is I'm adding up.

Gerald Sussman.

Talks at meetups & conferences

Modeling your way to consistency

dotJS - December 2019

How domain modeling can help us to make our apps consistent & safe

Stream | Slides | Slides (repo)

FP For The People (v2)

OdessaJS - July 2019

Core principles of FP and why to use it on JS

Stream | Slides (updated) | Slides (repo)

FP for the People

Javascript Litoral Meetup - July 2017

Core principles of FP and why to use it on JS

Slides | Stream

React, UI con esteroides

Javascript Litoral Meetup - Nov 2016

Introduction to UI development with React

Slides | Repo | Demo app | Stream

Developing with GIT

CISL 2016 - UTN - Santa Fe - Oct 2016

Introduction to versioning code with GIT, as part of the "Introduction to software development" talk.

Slides | Repo | Stream

JavaScript ES6

Javascript Litoral Meetup - May 2016

EcmaSctip 6 features showcase & usage with Babel.

Slides | Repo

Introduction to Angular

Javascript Litoral Meetup - March 2016

Introduction to Angular framework, plus some live examples.

Slides | Stream | Demo | Repo