Don't be a boilerplate programmer. Instead, build tools for users and other programmers. Take historical note of the textile and steel industries:
Do you want to build machines and tools, or do you want to operate those machines?
Ras Bodic.

OpenSource Projects

TSEARCH.IOSearch TypeScript functions and methods by types
[ typescript, dev tools ]
LITERATE-AVOCADOA GitHub Gist explorer app
[ elm, productivity, GitHub ]
REMOTE-DATA-TSTypes and utilities to represent the states of fetched data
[ typescript ]
@HOUSINGANYWHERE/SAFE-REDUXSafely create and handle Redux actions
[ redux, typescript ]
@HOUSINGANYWHERE/MATCHpoor man's pattern matching
[ typescript ]
TRAEFetch based HTTP client for Node & the browser
[ fetch, http, api ]
CASTORReview GitHub PRs and go back where you left of
[ github, git, cli, golang ]
WEBOUTPipe terminal output to the browser
[ terminal, cli, golang ]
DIR_ALIASDirectory based aliases
[ bash, zsh ]
CHIMIRun JavaScript snippets from your markdown files
[ markdown, runner, javascript, snippets ]
SKRATCHMinimalistic notes app
[ react, service-worker, notes, draft-js, PWA ]
TDA to-do's CLI app written in Go
[ golang, cli ]
RLFIFO reading list CLI tool
[ golang, cli ]
WALLPA golang CLI app to change the desktop wallpaper
[ golang, cli ]
DADJOKES/r/dadjokes front-page in your terminal
[ node, javascript, cli ]
WKONNotes on your terminal, per directory
[ bash, terminal ]
REPL-RAMDANode repl with Ramda included
[ node, ramda, repl, dev tools ]
TIC-TAC-TOEA comparison between 💅 styled-components and glamorous 💄
[ CSS-in-JS, glamorous, styled-components, react ]
GENERATOR-API(contributor)Yeoman generator for creating RESTful NodeJS APIs, using ES6, Mongoose and Express.
[ express, mongodb, mongoose, docker ]
ARRAY-SMOOTH(contributor)Moving average smooth algorithm.
[ javascript, algorithms ]
ITCSS STARTERDead simple directories & files structure to organize CSS in a project.
[ css, architecture, itcss ]